About - Who we are & what we do

BriskVision is run by two 19 year old students,
who made their hobby to a job.

We began with webdesign independently of each other several years ago. What started out as a hobby, is now a side job we put a lot of energy and time into.

Maurice Gonzenbach

At the moment I’m having a gap year, before starting to study at the ETH in Zurich.
My skills include many web related programming languages (CSS /HTML, Javascript, PHP, MySQL etc.) as well as good knowledge of Adobe Photoshop.

Moreover I am fluent in English (Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English) as well as German and French.
Besides all this geeky stuff I love playing tennis and diving during summertime, and snowboarding in winter.

André Carvalho

I possess advanced skills in Adobe Photoshop, being specialized on web and logo design.
I'm also proficient in several languages, such as English, German, French and Portuguese. Additionally I own basic knowledge of Italian and Spanish.
In order to balance mental work, I enjoy playing in a band (Guitar) and working out in gym.

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